Today I received confirmation that my application was accepted and a grant awarded for me to purchase a set of  Pro Fitness Resistance bands.  This letter is for you and the Donors of BACO to show my appreciation.

This year has been a struggle for the whole world and being in prison is even more limiting to a person. On top of this covid pandemic, a year ago in June 2020 I ended up in hospital for nine days.  I was diagnosed with a chronic disease which I will have for life , the shock alone mixed with the restrictions of covid was almost too much to bear and I was already suffering with a previous back injury; my health and fitness have dramatically deteriorated.  

One way to start my recovery and stabilise my health was advised by a Doctor and a Physiotherapist, so I applied for help to buy resistance bands.  Knowing that there are people out there who when going through a pandemic themselves will still reach out and this warms my heart.  I’ve lost everyone through your past behaviour and sometimes doubt that there are decent, caring and sincere people in the World and then BACO comes along and says’ I know its hard, we don’t judge you, have a second chance’.  

These resistance bands costing £29.99 will not seem a lot to most but to me its a new start, its a message and gift of support.  Its my future health.

I am so grateful to you all and hope this message reaches as many donors as possible.  Not everyone leaving prison will succeed but thanks to organisations like BACO people will lead successful and happy lives, all we need is a chance.”

April 2021