HMP Woodhill

“Thank you so much for the £99.99 (£100) cheque that was granted from BACO for essential clothing and beard trimmers this is very helpful and needed donation at these struggling times.  Prison is a place where your little wages at £10 a week has to cover phone credit to keep in contact with your loved ones (partner and 2 children) and toiletries to keep clean and canteen. £10 wages doesn’t stretch that far.  Being able to buy clothes and electrical items is really a privilege.  My partner is on full time work but just about makes ends meet with bills and to look after 2 kids.  Having something like Baco is a blessing and is very generous you don’t understand how much it means to me and probably so many others.  Yourself and everybody who works at BACO are very kind and I wish yourself and everybody who works with Baco a happy and healthy life and I pray all your prayers and dreams are answered.  God Bless.

P.S. After moving from HMP Grendon to HMP Bullingdon to HMP Woodhill now thank you for honour the grant thank you very much. I pray for your family and everyone at Baco are keeping safe through Covid 19.  Kind regards


October 2020