“I would like to say thank you for kindness and generosity for the grant I received from you.  As I have been personally helped by your charity I would like to let you know how your kindness helps people in different ways.  BACO helps prisoners by giving them grants to purchase electrical items, clothes, hobbies and more.  Your donations help on a more personal note by way of freeing up up what money we have to put on phone credits to speak to family and friends which we would not be able to do if we had to save for many weeks. It is also a boost for self-esteem to know people are willing to donate their hard earned money to help prisoners, which shows us people are prepared to give prisoners a chance and gives us hope for a better future.

With the current covid crisis people on the outside and in prison have spent many months indoors and had our mental health strained but with your generous donations to help us purchase dvd players and more you have made it that bit easier.  These are just a few ways your kindness and generosity helps people in prison.  We thank you all for what you do and what you stand for to help others without judgement.  As a token of our appreciation the men on our wing have chosen BACO as our charity to do fundraising for and hope to give something back as soon as we can.”



July 2021