Thames Valley CRC

“Thank you to BACO for offering a grant towards a passport for my client.  He requires two forms of ID before being able to enrol in college, citizenship cards are no longer sufficient. In 2019 BACO supported him with a grant towards a provisional driving licence so that he could open a bank account and put some money towards some trainers when he was sleeping rough. He is now managing his own benefits and no longer needs to rely on food parcels and is living in temporary accommodation.  With his new found stability he has begun to set positive goals for the future.  He has undertaken a few days work with a friend who is a landscape gardener and found that he has some aptitude in this area.  He would now like to learn more about this trade by attending a college course in Aylesbury and needs two forms of identification to enrol.  He has saved enough money from his benefits to pay for half of the passport fee of £82.50 and would be very grateful to BACO if they could make up the difference.”

CK Probation Officer