Bringing offenders to justice is pointless if these same criminals go on to offend again.

The purpose of this page is to paint a picture of the reality of managing offenders and to show the importance of tackling reoffending.

While punishment is an important way of dealing with crime, and one of the five purposes of sentencing, on its own it is often not enough to stop criminals reoffending.

The prison population in England and Wales  as of  February 26th 2021 is 78,015 (source government statistics 2021). Reoffending is estimated to cost the British economy £13 billion annually. To the victim of crime it is incalculable.

For a small charity operating in Buckinghamshire it is hard for us to evaluate our successes with statistics. We rely on those published by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and for the reports from Probation Officers and Offender Managers who see their clients on a regular basis and know the difference that our grants make.

It is only with the goodwill of the Prison Governors and their staff that we have access to their prisons.  If they did not feel our grants were making a difference changing attitudes and altering behaviour for the better then we would no longer be welcome.

BACO is grateful to the Prison Reform Trust and the Bromley Report for their valuable information

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