HMP Grendon

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HMP Grendon is a Category B/C Therapeutic Community Prison with an operational capacity of 238. Each of the five wings are run as Democratic Therapeutic Communities implementing group based therapy within a social climate which promotes positive relationships, personal responsibility and social participation. Therapeutic Communities address a range of offender needs including interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation, self-management and psychological well-being.

There is a referral process and a reception criteria:

  • Cat B or C
  • Has more than 18 months to serve
  • Has been off Category A or escape list for at least six months
  • Meets ‘drug free’ criteria
  • No current diagnosis of mental illness
  • Comprehension of rules and signs compact
  • Accepts responsibility for not appealing against offence
  • Meets self-harm criteria (no self-harm within two months of referral)

Source: Ministry of Justice (MOJ)and Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) report 2019/2020

BACO Prisoner Support Service

Wing representatives support residents in making an application to BACO, they work with the BACO volunteer in a face to face situation.  Fortunately, BACO has been developing a partnership with Milton Keynes College (the education provider) to receive applications remotely.  This has been invaluable during 2020/21 with the onset of the restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  BACO has been able to support the residents throughout this time.


Contributory grants are made towards the cost of

  • Educational courses
  • Educational qualifications
  • Course books & materials
  • Art materials
  • Musical instruments
  • Essential clothing & shoes
  • Radios
  • Birth certificates for ID

Wing Socials

The five therapeutic communities hold two social events during the year. BACO members are invited to put their names forward to receive backing from the men to attend the social event on the wings. They attend subject to complying with the prison’s security procedure.


An annual quiz between members and prisoners takes place with a BACO cup awarded to the winning team – it rarely leaves the prison!