HMYOI Aylesbury

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Aylesbury Young Offenders Institute is a high security long term prison to a capacity of 443 young males aged between 18 and 24.  It holds the longest sentenced young male adults in England.  At least 50% will go from Aylesbury to serve the rest of their sentences in an adult prison.

There are eight wings and a segregation unit.

NB. Information from the Ministry of Justice

BACO Prisoner Support Service

The BACO Prisoner Support Service is being re-established with the full support of the Governor and the Head of Reducing Re-Offending.


Grants are focused on

  • Educational courses
  • Educational qualifications
  • Trade qualifications that will be useful for finding work in other prisons
  • Course books and materials
  • ID – birth certificates
  • Art materials
  • Musical instruments

Redemption Roasters have a contract with HMYOI Aylesbury to grind coffee beans in their £60,000 roasting machine (Bertha).  Prisoners work alongside two professional members of Redemption Roasters to learn this skill and to become baristas.  BACO members visited the café in the prison in October 2018 to taste the coffee and talk to the young men working there.  This was thanks to Laura Boyle speaking at the BACO AGM 2018 and inviting BACO members to the prison. More about Redemption Roasters