HMP Woodhill

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HMP Woodhill is  a complex prison, serving multiple functions , it is part of the long-term high security estate (LTHSE). From August 2019 the prison transitioned to a training prison holding long-term category B prisoners serving sentences of four or more years.  The prison will continue to hold a small number of category A prisoners on remand and attending trial.  The prison also operates a close supervision centre (CSC), a specialist facility for some of the country’s most disruptive prisoners.  The prison has the capacity to house 600 prisoners in single cell occupancy.

Source: Ministry of Justice (MOJ) & Independent Monitoring (IMB) report 2019/2020

BACO Prisoner Support Service

At the start of  2020 BACO  was very nearly operational in Woodhill , with just a couple of clerical issues to resolve. Then the pandemic struck in March and the prison went into lockdown . We are currently waiting to learn when the BACO prisoner support volunteer can visit , iron out the issues and start receiving applications.  As with all third party organisations working in prisons we are subject to the Governor’s invitation and work in line with MOJ and Public Health England protocol.